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What is OxidizedOS?

OxidizedOS is a x86-64 kernel written in Rust. While implementing some basic parts of the kernel, I realized that the implementation was interesting and I thought it may be instructive to provide a writeup of some parts of the implementation.

The Environment

OxidizedOS is Multiboot 2 compatible, and booted with GRUB 2. The kernel is compiled using Philipp Oppermann’s xbuild tool, which cross-compiles the standard library. OxidizedOS supports SMP, and sets up each core with a 4KB stack and an identity mapped paging structure, as the kernel is located in the lower-half (loaded at 0x100000). Currently, OxidizedOS uses Philipp Oppermann’s LinkedList Allocator, and has an 8MB heap.


As I implement more parts of the kernel, I plan to provide writeups of any particularly interesting implementations.